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Frank AXS GX Eagle 1 x 12


Currently available with 27.5×4.3 Terrene Yippie Ki Yay & 26″ with a variety of 45NRTH tires.

Bearclaw Frank AXS GX Eagle

Full Build & Geometry Specs CLICK HERE

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Full Build & Geometry Specs CLICK HERE


Important order information

**If you have any special requests for your build please send us an email, text, or give us a call! We can only offer a few options here in the web store. Truth-Be-Told.. the build possibilities are endless! Contact us and we’ll put together a custom build quote for you and avoid the web store all together.

Once you place your order, your bike is professionally assembled with the utmost attention to detail here at BBCo Headquarters.  We carefully box your bike in a large heavy duty double corrugated cardboard box and ship it to you with only the front wheel, seat post, and handlebars removed. We even set it up tubeless here. Customers have told us they were riding only 20 minutes after the box arrived at their doorstep. Just saying….please don’t rush!

You are responsible for properly affixing the handlebar assembly to the fork.  If you do not feel confident in your ability to do so, please give your local bike shop a visit.  ALWAYS use a torque wrench when tightening any bolts on any part of our bikes, no exceptions!