At Bearclaw Bicycle Co., we receive several emails and questions daily about our bicycles, build options, purchasing process, shipping, etc. To help address your questions in an efficient and timely manner, below we answered some of the most frequent questions that we get asked.


FAQs About Bearclaw Bicycle Co. & Our Bikes 

Where is Bearclaw Bicycle Co. based?

We’re located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan where we like to ride, experiment, and find inspiration.

Where does the name Bearclaw come from?

Bearclaw Bicycle Co. is one of many successful ventures created by founding father, Chet Bearclaw. An elusive being by nature, Chet is rarely found in one place at a time for very long and is often roaming the planet in search of the next big idea to bring to the world. #praisechet 

Where are Bearclaw Bicycles manufactured?

All stages of design, engineering, and quality control is done here in Michigan while all manufacturing is handled by our titanium fabricator in China. We have partnered with this ti fabricator for several years and have been very impressed with their quality and workmanship. They have made hundreds of frames for us, and over the years, we developed a great relationship in ensuring consistently high-quality frames while continuing to evolve with new prototypes and finished products. Needless to say, we would prefer to have our frames manufactured in the USA, but we have yet to find anyone who can match the quality of our current manufacturer.

Do you fabricate custom bike frames and forks?

Nope, sorry, we do not offer custom fabricated frames (nor custom forks or other components we offer). Surely we can help you customize a build with your desired wheels, tires, drivetrain, and components, but we only offer the bike frames listed on our website in the sizes we have available.

What is the weight of Bearclaw’s frames?

Below we listed the weight of each Bearclaw frame (weights are a medium-size frame and do not include derailleur hanger and thru-axle).

What is the weight of Bearclaw’s forks?

See the weight of each Bearclaw fork below (weights do not include thru-axle).

What is the maximum load weight for Bearclaw’s forks? 

  • All Titanium Forks – 240lbs / 109kg (rider+bike+gear) 


Build & Buying FAQs

How custom can I go?

You can dream big. The options we offer for stock builds in our online store are just the beginning. You can call, text, or email us regarding details of a fully custom build. 

*Note that custom builds can influence lead times depending on the availability of certain parts and components. We also do not currently offer belt drive or pinion builds.

Do you sell/ship internationally?

Yes, but not via the online store. If you are outside the United States, please contact us directly and we can negotiate your purchase and the shipping.

What is your return policy?

You can return new items within 30 days from the date received, but there is a 15% restocking fee on frames and forks and a 20% restocking fee on complete bikes. The customer is responsible for shipping charges on all returns and the item(s) must be brand new and unused, returned in original box with the original packaging.

A 15% restocking fee also applies to deposits for refunds/cancelations on complete builds, frames & fork. This 15% value is based on the order total and not the deposit amount.

What is your warranty?

Please refer to our Warranty Page for warranty information. 

What payment options are there?

We accept payment in the form of PayPal (or any major credit card), cash money, or certified funds. For custom builds and orders made directly through us via email or phone (non-online store purchases), we will put together an invoice for you, in which you can pay a portion up front and the remaining balance after your bike is ready. 


Shipping FAQs

How are bikes shipped?

Bicycles and products are shipped via BikeFlights, USPS, and UPS. After your bike is built at our headquarters, we carefully box it in a way that requires minimal assembly upon delivery. You will only need to affix the front wheel and handlebars.

Can I track my order?

Yes! Once we’ve arranged the shipment of your order, you will receive an email with tracking information. Please give us a few business days to process your order before shipping. Also, please be patient with tracking updates and the shipping process. Our approximation of delivery time is as good as yours when the shipment leaves our building. 

How long will my order take to ship?

We’re typically able to process and ship out orders within a couple of business days. Some products can be shipped immediately and normally land within 10-15 business days or less. Other products will have a lead time depending on supply levels and build time. 

If I enter the incorrect address at checkout?

If you catch a mistake in your shipping address before we send your package, then we can amend it at no cost to you. If it has already shipped out, further action on your order will be put “on hold” until your original package is returned to us. Initial shipping will not be refunded, and we will issue an additional shipping invoice to you to reship your order to the correct address.


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