Titanium gravel bike. 650b road plus bike. 700c race bike. Adventure bikepacking bike. Whatever you want to call it. More than likely, the Thunderhawk is it. Meet the all road titanium bike that's engineered to fit an array of wheel and tire combinations. Ideally suited for gravel, road, single track, and everything in between, Thunderhawk is equally equipped to drop the hammer on local group rides as it is for week-long bikebacking adventures.
Beaux Jaxon is the titanium drop bar plus bike that’s redefining drop bar plus bikes. Beaux is the first drop bar bicycle in the history of drop bar bicycles to accept 27.5 x 3″ and 29 x 2.6″ tires whilst maintaining gravel road geometry. Unlike drop bar 29ers which utilize longer mtb forks, Beaux is equipped with our Ramhorn Gravel Plus fork which has a 420mm axle to crown. Beaux is not a mountain bike with drop bars, Beaux is a gravel road bike with mountain bike tires. Kneaux that Beaux is the most talented and gifted bicycle you will ever own.
Take adventure cycling to the next level with TŌWMAK, a titanium drop-bar fat bike that's designed for all-season, all-terrain riding. Whether you're looking to win the fat bike world championships or embark on a multiday bikepacking adventure during wintertime, TŌWMAK is the titanium bike that delivers limitless capabilities.
Welcome Frank, a legendary member of the BBCo family. More than just a titanium fat bike, Frank is loyal companion that you can pedal damn near anywhere. Be it ice-covered back roads, sandy beaches, or wooded single track – no matter the type of riding that tickles your fancy, Frank’s strength and fervor manhandles any and all conditions.

Titanium Bikes for Gravel, Mountain, & All-Road Riding

Bearclaw Bicycle Co. makes titanium bikes that provide a unique combination of adventure-ready capability and race-ready performance. Specializing in titanium bike frames, forks, and components for gravel, fat, MTB, and all-road, BBCo. is an innovator in adventure bike technology. Whether it be deep wilderness expeditions, ultra-distance gravel bike races, or cross-country bikebacking trips, the feeling of riding a Bearclaw bicycle offers a distinct sense of freedom and empowerment that one must fully experience to believe. Read More.

Legendary Titanium Bikes for Bikepacking, Racing, & Beyond

Call them titanium gravel bikes, road bikes, or mountain bikes. We don’t identify by conventional norms. We break them. Our titanium bikes are genre-defying freedom machines that offer limitless potential for speed, utility, and functionality. Originating in northern Michigan where we derive inspiration from the region’s unpredictable weather patterns and relentless terrain, Bearclaw bikes are engineered to deliver the ultimate sense of versatility, resilience, and performance.

At Bearclaw, we craft more than just legendary titanium bikes. Our bikes support the means to achieve incredible feats of endurance, fulfillment, and exploration. Our mission has centered on creating world-class adventure bikes and race bikes that combine high-end, all-road efficiency with bikepacking and expedition-friendly ingenuity. We might call ourselves pioneers in the provision of paradigm-shifting titanium gravel bikes. But in reality, we just do what our founding father Chet Bearclaw tells us to do. Drop us a line for bike inquiries.  #PraiseChet